Saturday, November 28, 2009


I discovered Etsy this evening.

I'd obviously heard about it before, and I'd had a quick browse around, but had decided it was all a bit too much trouble.

How wrong I was.

I've only made two purchases so far, but I've now cut myself off. I think I'll allow myself one Etsy purchase per fortnight. Control, see?

Tonight I bought this necklace from Our Tea Party:

Plus this birdcage necklace from NinexMuse:

At this point I cut myself off, because I found myself with another 5 or so items in my cart. However, I already know what I'll be buying next fortnight from Schlomit Ofir:

Seriously, how gorgeous are these? I adore them. I hope they're still there when I have my next little spree...

Feel free to comment if you have any favourite Etsy shops.

I can see this becoming a problem...



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