Monday, November 23, 2009

Hi World...

Apart from my little profile description thingy, I haven't really explained what I want to do with this blog.

Obviously, I'm going to post photos of lovely things that I want (but generally don't need). This will make EA very happy, as I won't be obsessing about material things to him all the time.

I'm 26 years old. I have come to a point in my life where I look at all of the aspects of it and there is just so much that I want to improve. I also consciously take on far more than I can handle, acknowledge it, and then proceed to punish myself by continuing to juggle everything.

I'm a corporate accountant with a multinational company based in Brisbane. I am the only accountant there, and I'm always busy, which is absolutely perfect for me, because I don't like to sit still (hence taking on more than I can handle). However - I want to sit still. I've reached the point where I think I can be content just spending an entire day in the garden reading a book. I guess this blog, while taking time to write, will allow me to clear my head, meaning I can take some time every now and again.

I am studying towards becoming a CPA. I will be studying two segments next semester and beyond, until I'm qualified. This is not advised for people who work full time, however I want it to be done, now. I'm also starting my Juris Doctor (postgrad law) in February. I have 3/4 of a law degree from when I first started uni, so I received a lot of credits. I don't want to waste those years. I'll study one subject per semester until my CPA program is complete, and then I'll take on more.

I live with my fiance, EA. We're not getting married until June 2011 (one month after I finish CPA), but still I think about the wedding every day, even if I'm not actively planning right now (see past posts for my progress so far). At present, both because of the wedding and also for my own wellbeing, I would like to lose weight. I'm one of those girls who settled down and let herself go, and it has resulted in all sorts of body/self esteem issues that ideally a girl of 26 shouldn't have. In saying that though, I start a healthy eating plan every morning but make it through until about 3pm before craving something filled with carbs.

So when I mention in my little 'about me' note that I am trying to find balance, it is due to the above. I adore reading, I am addicted to some pretty trashy TV shows, I love reading people's blogs and different forums, and I don't want to have to give up these things just so I can keep on top of my commitments.

I am now going to wash my face, feed our goldfishies and read a few chapters of my book before sleep...



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