Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let's try this again...

I adore Saturday mornings. The whole weekend awaits, and it's a beautiful feeling.

I had my hair cut last night. It had been far too long. I was seated, and I took the clips out of my hair, and the way my hair fell made me look like I was straight out of Gossip Girl. Typical. For the first time ever my long hair looks glamorous, right as it's about to be chopped.

I have a nice day planned today. EA is going to work for the morning, and I need new tyres for my car, but my sister is going to come over and we'll go wedding dress shopping. By wedding dress shopping, I think she means bridesmaid dress shopping. I don't want to try on dresses until June next year, though I have a sneaky feeling I might put one on today. I'm happy to go along with it, because it's so rare for her to want to go shopping. I've told her she can choose her bridesmaid dress, and she'll probably choose the colour as well.

This afternoon (or earlier if time) I'm going to try my hand at op shopping. I've never found anything great, though I haven't looked very hard. Brisbane doesn't seem very good for it, but who knows, I might get lucky...



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