Sunday, November 15, 2009


I trekked to Paddington this morning to check out the op shops, but no luck. I found quite a few things I would have loved, but they were a little overpriced... I was quite disappointed, but I guess that's op shopping - sometimes you get nothing, sometimes you find wonderful treasures. I'm not sure it's my thing though. I tend to be impatient, and I'm not sure I have the confidence to wear vintage pieces.

After a lazy lunch at a nearby restaurant, we came home for a snooze in the air conditioning - I don't know what I'd do without my weekend naps. I should have been trying to be productive, but EA napped as well which was lovely, as he doesn't usually nap as much as I do.

I've just returned home from a meeting with our celebrant. I'm very excited, and so is EA, he is now on the phone to his mother telling her about it. I love that he's so interested in the wedding planning, even though we're so far out. The celebrant was so lovely, very flexible, younger than a lot of the celebrants out there, and we will be booking with her this week. It's all happening...



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