Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas shopping...

Thought I'd write about our Christmas shopping away from the depression of that previous post.

I adore Christmas shopping, or any sort of gift-giving. It's so much fun. I'm generally hopeless at it, though sometimes I can come up with good ideas.

This Christmas, everyone is making it easy for me except for EA. My sister wants a new wallet so I will contribute towards that. My father wants a nice bottle of scotch. No problems. My grandparents will get their usual Bunnings and Coles-Myer gift cards, and a lovely bunch of flowers. The grandparents on the other side are scoring scratch-its (we don't do gifts), so who knows, perhaps I've just given them $500,000...

EA's mother is getting a gift card for Joseph Alexanders - high tea for two. EA's brother and his girlfriend are getting a Wotif gift card, as they go away for the weekend quite regularly. Not sure about EA's father and stepmum - will think of something in the next week or so I guess.

As for EA - I have no idea what to get him. We have set ourselves a limit of $50 each this year, as we have better things to spend our money on, e.g. our wedding and our holiday over Christmas. Still, I want to get him something girlfriendy. A book voucher just won't cut it.

Any ideas? I'd like something unique, thoughtful, etc.

On that note, I'm going to write some Christmas cards while I watch TV shows.



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