Monday, December 7, 2009

Home sweet home...

If I lived in a house with this kitchen, I think my life would be made.

I've been really into white things lately. When I first moved out of college - in 2002 when I was 18, I bought all of that cheap Ikea furniture in beech. I loved the beech colour, I thought it was modern and that I would have an apartment or a house that was spacious and a little spartan. That was, and remains, impossible. I'm not really a hoarder, I don't have little trinkets everywhere, but I do have stuff.

I have now moved onto chocolate brown furniture of a bit better quality. I'll take some photos sometime in the next week. It's not all solid timber, as I bought most of it while I was still a student, but it's a lot nicer than the beech crap I used to live with.

Which brings me back to the white furniture. I don't think that I could have a house full of it. However I'm a big fan of white dressers and desks. When I started postgrad, I went out and bought a white desk with a glass top thingy, and I adore it. What would be super awesome is if I could find a white dresser to put in the same room as my desk so that I could have my own pretty white space.

Over the next week or two, I'm going to be overhauling my house a bit. We live in a little 3 bedroom rental, it's like a cottage, very cute. It's an absolute oven inside except for the bedroom which I keep at a constant temperature of 18 degrees. We used to have a guest bedroom and an office, but when I started studying again we turned the second bedroom into a study for me, hence the white desk. EA has the first office as he has about a million computers.

There isn't really anything I can do with the house, but I do have options with the decor. Everything I have (I'm talking lamps, vases, ornaments) is very dated, things I've been given over the years and so on. No more. If I don't really love it, it's either going in the bin or being put away in storage. If the place looks bare, then that's fine - we can redecorate gradually with things we love. It would help if I didn't have the creativity of a peanut, but I'll work with what I have. We were given some lovely things for our engagement, so I might try to incorporate some of that...

As I said, photos to come...



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