Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gifts, gifts, gifts...

I love buying gifts for people.

I am a bit useless at gift buying - sometimes I come up with a great unique idea for a gift, but mostly I struggle. I then tend to overgift to compensate.

The Vogue forums run a KK every year, and this is my first year of being involved (I've only been using the forums since earlier this year). It is such a lovely idea - everyone who registers and is approved is given another random voguette to buy for. She could be anywhere in the country, and once we know who it is we spend a couple of weeks stalking our KK and then buying gifts to the value of about $30.

There is a hints thread, but so far my KK hasn't posted anything on there, so I've been going off her email which said she liked perfumes and chocolates. I wanted to get her lots of little things, and I finished my shopping today, purchasing:

.-. Jurlique Love Balm (I love the pot that I have, so wanted to buy one for her);
.-. Leona Edmiston chocolates;
.-. I forget the brand and it's already wrapped, but a beautiful little perfume miniature, in sweet something and grenadine - very sweet and fruity, I love it, and hopefully she does too;
.-. again I forget the brand, but a mango and something-or-other body mist; and
.-. a tiny little vanilla perfumed soap from Bloom.

I spent over $50, so hopefully she likes everything, even though they're just little things... I'm really sad that I didn't write down what they were, because it's likely I will buy them for myself one day... I got everything from Myer and David Jones, so I'm sure they'll be there next time I'm having a browse.

I just love the idea of buying from a stranger and receiving a thoughtful gift from another stranger. It's so sweet, and I intend to participate every year.



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