Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have been waiting for a bunch of packages for a little while now, and today most of them arrived, which was super exciting. I'm pleased that EA left work early, as it meant he could go to the post office for me to collect the registered items.

I have now received all three of the items that I bought from Our Tea Party on Etsy - she's so lovely, and I adore the necklaces that she sent me. I also received the little bird cage necklace from Ninexmuse - so cute!

The makeup that I had purchased arrived also, and I will try them out tomorrow night when EA is out - I plan on having a girlie night after doing the grocery shopping.

I also received a gift from my Vogue KK. It was so lovely, she had bought things that I had put on my list of hints. She gave me a lovely light sunscreen that smells really nice so that I can wear it to work (I burn just walking the 10 minutes from train to office). I also received a really beautiful light blue pashmina/scarf, which is so floaty and lovely that I can still wear it in summer (I wear a scarf every day).

I'm going to write her a thank you card, as I'm so pleased with her choices.

This blog is really useful for keeping track of what I am yet to receive. At this point, three pairs of earrings, a bracelet, and a leather lariat that I plan on turning into a bracelet. The lariat would have arrived last week, however the seller accidentally sent me an empty postpak - which was quite funny and she was so lovely and apologetic when I queried her.

Tomorrow I intend on going to Paddington in my lunch break to Biome and purchasing the Ecotools bamboo foundation brush:

I have read some really good things about it given that it is a very cheap brush ($12.95!) - I don't use a lot of makeup or own any brushes, so I want to start out small and see if I get into it.

Then I just need to find the perfect foundation...


bowsnhearts said...


Glad to see that you are happy with your KK's gifts too.

I, too, burn when i walk the 15mins to work. I carry an umbrella the entire way. Lol...prolly an amusing sight but oh well, my skin is more important.

And I haven't find a sunscreen that doesn't smell yet though? And doesn't feel sticky on your skin.


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