Friday, December 11, 2009

What a week...

This week has been one of the worst in my life. I have literally made myself sick from being tired, stressed and upset, and as such I'm at home today.

On Tuesday I sent an email to our Malaysian office chasing up some work that was due to me. I was very friendly, just asking if anything could be done to make the process easier. I copied the managing director in on the email so that he would know the situation. I then received a very hurtful, accusatory and rude email back from the Malaysian manager. Rather than emailing back and possibly snowballing the misunderstanding (he thought I was calling into question the quality of his work), I went home and decided to phone him on Wednesday to talk it through.

On Wednesday I phoned to apologise for the misunderstanding, and basically let him know that I was not questioning his work, but rather just trying to ease his workload if it was necessary. He did not accept that, and said some very hurtful things. I was so, so upset and it took a while to calm down so that I could tell his immediate superior and also mine about the conversation without crying. Long story short, everyone agreed that my first email was fine, he misunderstood and it was his choice to take offence. They classed his reply as a 'dummy spit' that has done him no favours, and if anything I am to become more pushy in my role. That made me felt so much better - having that reinforcement there.

Anyway, after such a stressful week, I've gone and made myself sick. I have had a cold and flu tablet and am feeling a bit better than first thing this morning. I went to the post office this morning to post off my KK gift and a few free for all items that I've given to someone. Got to the shopping centre (only a 2 minute drive away, otherwise I wouldn't have ventured out) and realised I didn't have my handbag. So I drove home, got my bag and wallet, drove back, and then realised that I forgot the actual KK gifts. Sigh. So I now have the express post bag and bubble wrap, and will just have to go out to find a post box this afternoon.

Went to McDonalds to get some breakfast/comfort food/fatty goodness, got home and they hadn't given me the McMuffin. This has happened a few times lately, but usually EA is with me and we check what is in the bag and then tell them while we're still in the drive-through. This time though I didn't check because I was by myself and just put the bag on the seat and drove off. Also the girl in the window didn't even say hello, just so rude. So I did what I've been threatening to do for a while and phoned up the manager. I apologised a lot, but he said that he needs to hear when things like this happen and said to give them my name next time I go in and we can have a free meal. Don't know when that will be - perhaps tomorrow morning on our way to my aunty's farm a couple of hours away...


bowsnhearts said...

I hope you are better now!
I always hate dealing with people who overreact at work.

I hate it more when they don't want to discuss issues reasonably.

Jade said...

Sending you lots of hugs....sounds like one of those weeks we never wish will happen again.


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