Saturday, January 9, 2010

Daily face routine...

In the spirit of keeping resolutions and actioning a healthy change in my life, I want to spend a bit more time taking care of my skin. My skin routine is sporadic at best - I'm guilty of not taking makeup off before bed, if I even bother with makeup at all. Both a beauty and drawback of working in Milton (i.e. not the CBD) is that the people in my office dress fairly casually. I like corporate dressing, however I do get a bit lazy with hair and makeup. I don't like this, and it has to stop.

Over the next week, I'm going to be vigilant with taking care of my skin. I have a lot of skincare products that I want to finish or give away on the Vogue forums - I gave some away a while ago, but have since come across more that I don't need. I plan on using the following routine:


While showering, use Radox Exfoliate shower scrub with ground apricot seeds and sea minerals.

I've always loved apricot scrubs, they smell lovely. My first ever exfoliating scrub was apricot with ground olive pits. It was so nice, I even used it on my face, which was probably stupid, but hey, I was 14 and didn't know any better.

On my face, I'll use Dior Gel De Lait Magique Demaquillant Cleansing Gelee for Face, Lips & Eyes.

This is so light and gentle, I love it. Will need some more soon though, and I'm not sure that I will repurchase. I'm sure there are plenty of less expensive gentle cleansers...

I will then tone with a Nivea toner, which I can't really judge because I've never used toners before.

I moisturise in the mornings (when I do moisturise) with Dior HydrAction Sorbet Creme.

Again, I love this, and I would probably repurchase, but I'm a bit iffy on the price/results ratio. I think that I could use an Olay moisturiser and get the same results... Feel free to correct me!

There are several body moisturisers that I use. I'm not convinced that any are better than a straight sorbolene or vitamin E cream, but I'm willing to be educated! The products I have at the moment are Dove Fresh Touch Body Lotion with Cucumber & Green Tea and Avon Skin So Soft Replenishing Body Lotion, from the Soft & Sensual range. Say what you like about Avon, but I have loved the smell of this cream for about 10 years.

Throughout the day, I'll keep my lips protected with Jurlique Love Balm, and my hands soft with Jurlique Rose Hand Cream.

In the evenings, I'd like to firstly cleanse with Garnier Pure Deep Clean Foaming Wash.

I've used this for years, and I find that I feel really cleansed after using it.

I'll also use Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover.

After toning again with Nivea toner, I'll moisturise with Olay Regenerist Intensive Night Revitalising Cream.

I adore this product. When I use this, after a couple of days my skin looks amazing. EA commented on my skin a couple of weeks ago, and it was right when I had used this for 3 days straight. It is my personal miracle cream, and feels so luxurious when I hop into bed with it on.

I sleep with the air conditioning on at a constant temperature of 18 degrees. It's quite drying, and my lips notice it. So, I'll make sure that each night as I hop into bed I put on some Body Shop papaya lip butter.

As a body moisturiser, I could use any of the products listed above, or a Body Shop body butter, in either papaya or wild cherry.

As you can see above, I use a couple of high end products, however I'm more than happy to use supermarket brands if they have the same results.

I'm very interested to know: what is your skin routine? Do you have any suggestions on lovely products that I might try?


bowsnhearts said...

That lip balm is a great idea! My lips are always parched


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