Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fashion icons...

I don't even know what got me started on it, but this evening I've been trawling the internet for photos of celebrities, and admiring their style. Oh, now I remember. I was deciding who I thought was best dressed at the Golden Globes (I know, I'm behind). The winner for me (bearing in mind I haven't seen everyone's) is Dianna Agron from Glee:

She just looked beautiful. I love the Reem Acra dress, it is so flowy and pretty. I can see myself in something like this for my wedding (though in white, of course).

Who was your best dressed winner from the Golden Globes/SAGs?

This brings me to my all-time favourite fashion icons. As I might have mentioned before, I wear a scarf almost every day, and have far too many of them. As a result, Jessica Alba always catches my eye. She is frequently rocking the Tolani scarf - I might have to get myself one at some point.

I like how Jessica Alba just looks effortlessly gorgeous. So many people hate her, but I think she's fantastic.

I adore the style of Molly Sims. She's so gorgeous and I think she really suits this casual style. I was so in love with this look, but couldn't justify buying the Marc Jacobs dress. So my sister bought it for me for my birthday 3 years ago. I've not really worn it, which is terribly sad. I would wear it exactly as Molly wears it. Right down to the aviators and necklace.

I'd love to know who your fashion icons are!


bowsnhearts said...

I love Blair from Gossip Girl...but not so much Leighton Meester in real life. I am always excited to see what Blair is wearing. I guess I am really into the preppy look!

That MJ dress is gorgeous! Do debut it on the blog!


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