Sunday, January 3, 2010

I need a new wallet...

I currently have an Oroton wallet, which is similar to the picture above, but has brown leather.

I adore Oroton, and have done for years. However I have turned into an Oroton whore. I have an Oroton makeup bag, keyring, umbrella, handbag, organiser, card wallet, key wallet and sunglasses.

This is ridiculous. I need to branch out.

I like the wallet I have, however from putting it on tables and desks and counters it just has a bit of wear and is no longer clean and perfect. I don't want a fabric wallet again unless it's black - leather is far better as it can be cleaned.

I need your help - can you suggest any wallet brands that come in at under $150, that are not Oroton? Preferably something that can be purchased online, and international is perfectly fine. I want something different, and not too chain store-ish.

I figure what better time to look for a new wallet than sale time!


bowsnhearts said...

Hmm this is hard! Coach? Lol...but I supposed that's chain store-ish. In Malaysia, there's this brand called Bonia which is probably the Oroton equivalent in Malaysia. I am not too sure...I have only seen my Mom buying it.

I received a faux Gucci wallet over X'mas that I am going to post in FFA.


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