Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lovable quirks...

Last Sunday my sister and I went shopping at DFO and then in the city. I wasn't looking for anything, but my sister was looking for a wallet and a watch. No luck, which was no surprise. My sister hates shopping, and had a particular wallet in mind, however we couldn't find it anywhere.

I think that I had mentioned that we were going to go to the Bridal Expo at the Sofitel:

I had booked tickets for one of the fashion parades and everything. However do you notice anything about the advertisement above? That's right, I got the stupid dates wrong. EA stands by me when I say that the radio ad last Saturday said, 'this weekend'. Little sis wasn't particularly pleased with me. We trekked up the hill to the hotel in 30-something-degree heat and blazing sun to realise that I was a week early. The sad thing is, I do stuff like this all the time. Plan to go to the movies to see James Bond (I'm obsessed) when it doesn't actually open for a month, etc. I just call it one of my many lovable quirks.

Anyway, the day was saved by roast lunch (which turned out to be dinner due to the lateness of some guests) at our good friend S's house. Yum.

Do you have any lovable quirks, that may or may not actually be lovable?



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