Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nacho Thursday...

I really shouldn't be blogging about food given my new healthy eating plan (which I am sticking to very well, thank you very much - nobody needs to know about the 37,000 Smarties that I ate in bed last night...)

However, I am looking forward to Taco Wednesday tomorrow night at my father's house. Wednesday is daddy-daughter night. Usually EA is out, and so I go to Dad's for dinner, and usually I leave a little after my sister gets home from work. This Wednesday EA is free, so he will be coming too, and I have requested tacos, because who doesn't like Mexican food?

This reminded me that until mid-December I was obsessed with nachos. Nacho Thursday started because we used to go to our nearest major shopping centre on Thursdays for late-night shopping, and we'd have dinner at the Irish pub. Their nachos were fantastic - they had beef, beans, sweet chilli sauce (which I usually hate) along with the usual guacamole and sour cream. So yum.

Suddenly, however, Nacho Thursday was turning into Nacho Saturday, Nacho Monday, Nacho Wednesday Lunch when I was home with the flu, and so on. Suddenly it all got too much and I haven't had nachos in over a month. My sister likens it to the law of diminishing marginal return, which I think is fantastic, and quite correct.

It's for the best, as nachos aren't the healthiest snack around.

Is there a food that you won't eat anymore, despite a love for it in the past?


bowsnhearts said...

I haven't had Mexican food before! But I do eat the occasional bag of Nachos! With Mozzarella cheese! YuM!

Anonymous said...

I love mexican food nights!!! We do Taco Tuesday's nom, nom, nom.

You're blog's pretty cool lady.

Mae said...

OMG, those Nachos look delicious!! Ahaha I'm a hugeee nachos fan... Never been put off them, but I dont think I ate them as often as you did!

I used to love lasagne - had it pretty much everytime we ate Italian. Now I wont even touch the stuff!

missea said...

Mmm, lasagne. I rarely have it, but so yum!

Thanks for the comments ladies, and you too with the cool blogs! - I'm following you all in my google reader.

Angela said...

Have you been to Taco Tuesday at the Aliba Bar? It's so cheap and awesome, but it's been taken over by hipsters so you usually end up eating at the bar.


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