Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am a list-writer. I have always been a list-writer. To the point where I become a little OCD. For example, if I write a list in a notebook (I keep special notebooks for my lists) but then I accomplish something on that list, then I can't just put a line through it and then move on to another item. No, I must write a new list minus that completed item. Crazy, no? Then don't get me started about using list-writing and planning as a procrastination tool...

I must admit, I am becoming better with my lists. Obviously, when I write a list in my diary and then complete a task, I can't rip the page out and start a new one. What I used to do if I was unhappy with a page in my diary was buy a new diary and start again. However if this happened in August (as it happened one year when I decided that I was no longer satisfied with my colour coding) then I would have to fill out the new diary, from January, with every task and appointment and birthday for the year so far, and tick them off, etc. so that it looked as though I'd had the diary all year. There was (and remains) nothing worse than a diary with half of the pages unused. My heart literally quickens at the thought.

When I first got my iPhone, I decided that it would be my organiser. It worked for about a fortnight, however I found that I was accumulating a lot of paper and post-its in my handbag. I therefore started carrying around my Kikki-K notebook, so that if I needed to scribble I could, and if I had any paper then I could store it in the notebook so that it wouldn't crumple.

Now that I'm going to be studying quite a bit, I really need something to keep track of my routines. I also wanted to keep a record of my weight loss and exercise. I therefore bought a small diary for these purposes. Spiral, of course, because there is nothing worse than a diary that won't stay open.

However, last week I realised that it was just too small. I didn't want to take my Kikki-K felt notebook and the little diary around, so I decided to consolidate and go to a bigger diary. For the last two years I had been using my lovely Oroton organiser, however this proved to be too small also.

Therefore, last week I purchased my Collins Debden Associate A5 Day to a Page diary.

I know. I'm a loser. I actually had one of these exact diaries years and years ago when I was first in Brisbane. I used them for about 2 or 3 years. It's funny how things come full circle, isn't it? Anyway, I'm super happy. It can fit all of my silly lists, appointments, exercise logs, study plans and papers/receipts/post-its that would have previously been sitting in the bottom of my handbag.

I should note that I use Outlook at work, and my calendar for work appointments syncs with the iPhone. Having to keep that in my diary would be altogether too much.

How do you organise yourself? I'd love to see photos of your diaries and organisers. Things like this just make me really happy.


bowsnhearts said...

We are a lot alike! Lol!

I love making lists as well and when I complete a task, the feeling of a tick next to the task is so good!

However, I brood over the rest of the tasks to the point that if I don't get to tick them soon, I go crazy. Haha!

annoiii said...

I like making lists too, except I always get sick of them when I don't complete half of them and make new ones! I like your Kikki K notebook, very cute!

Little A. said...

I LOVE lists! & organisers, notebooks and little diaries. They are littered all throughout my desk & various handbags though I have vowed to keep everything in my kikki.k diary this year, but there are still post its scattered throughout it.

I love that I'm not the only one out there!! xx


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