Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Resolutions Update...

I was reminded in a comment by Polly from the Vogue forums that I haven't really updated on my new fitness/weight loss plan in a while. I thought I might go through and update my lovely followers and also myself about how I'm doing with all of the resolutions that I made earlier this month.

(One moment while I go and find out what my resolutions were - this is not starting well...)

1. Eat better and exercise

This is turning out to be a big win so far. I have been going to the gym for 3 weeks this coming Thursday, and have so far lost 3.2kg. My work pants are literally falling off me and I really need to get some new ones, but if I continue losing weight I will have to replace those, too. So as of tomorrow I'm pantless... Yikes. No no, I'll find something. I have some smaller ones lying around that should fit, just not my small small ones from 3 years ago. I'm in that 'middle' phase right now.

I'd ideally like to lose another 10kg and then assess. I got out all of my jeans last night and showed them to EA. Some of them were really tiny, and as my little sis pointed out, my hips have widened and fitting into the really little jeans just may not ever happen, no matter how small I get. Damn you child-bearing hips! Although I guess they'll come in handy in a few years... Anyway, I adore the gym and go pretty much every day. I think I've missed 2 days each week, which I think is still pretty good.

As far as eating goes, I have only slipped up about 3 times. Once was pizza, the next was Jatz and dip last night (French onion dip, oh how I love you) and then I had a sausage roll today. Apart from that I've been really good. I've been eating a lot less, as my portions were really out of control, but now I actually feel gross after eating the unhealthy stuff. I crave some veggies. A blueberry would really make my night...

3. Cook more (yes, I missed 2, but it's not relevant until about June).

I've done OK with this, actually, though I haven't been cooking huge meals. I haven't been eating out and buying takeaway, either, so I guess that's a positive thing.

4. Keep a tidy house

I have to say, I haven't really completed the house overhaul, though it is still on my list. I don't think it will be perfect by the end of January, but it will get there. I sorted through my bathroom a couple of days ago and did a huge toss-out of unnecessary bathroom products. I'm sure that I could cull more, also. Which reminds me, I need to post a free-for-all. I might do it on here rather than on VF.

5. Spend more time on me

I must say that now I'm losing weight and getting fit I'm feeling a lot better, which is boosting my confidence. The skin routine has its good and bad days, which isn't great. In saying that, though, my skin has never been better, and I attribute that to my new healthy diet and exercise. It's like I'm detoxing without the vile lemon drinks and cabbage soups...

That's about it. On a whole I think I'm doing OK. Yay for me!


reckless said...

Congrats on your fairly resolute state! And that amazing weight-loss.
I did something similar in university and would suggest that the exercise and cooking should go hand-in-hand...

As for tidying, i'm with you. Trying to break it up into piecemeal (i.e. today: tupperware, tomorrow: DVDs) and this is proving to be the most successful attempt yet.

FatGirl said...

Sounds like your doing really well. Congrats on weight loss. And i really admire your dedication to the gym - i hate hate that the gym.

Polly6034 said...

Yay for you! Happy to hear that your gym motivation is still high!! I've just started to really get back into it this week (I'm keeping a food and exercise diary, which really keeps me on track).

And I wouldn't call your pizza and sausage rolls "slip ups" - as an occasional treat, it's all good. It's the every day chocolate that I need to be careful with!!

Your weight loss is impressive, excuse to buy new clothes soon?

xx Polly

missea said...

Haha I crave chocolate at breakfast time, but I've been so good recently! I'm now not craving anything unhealthy as much as I used to.

I probably won't need to buy any new clothes because I've kept all of the ones from before I put on weight - some great jeans and tops that I can't wait to fit into again... Perhaps I'll have to treat myself though :)


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