Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wedding photography...

EA and I aren't looking to book anything for a while yet, but I hope that whoever we have can capture moments such as these:

Sure, they probably posed it, and yeah, he's looking at her boobs, but ever since I saw this photo years and years ago, I've loved it.


bowsnhearts said...

Will you be posting any photos of your wedding planning? And your wedding?

I get very excited when I see pictures like that....but I understand if you wish to keep it private too. Haha!

missea said...

I'll absolutely be posting photos! When we get into the proper planning of things I'll post up ideas that I have and different options, and of course after the wedding I'll put up my photos from it :)

I love seeing people's plans as well!

Sharnanigans said...

yes it is a great photo - and yes it is posed and yes boobs, and yes they are both actors who were probably only married to help their careers... oh I'm a cynic aren't I?
It is gorgeous and if my Cowboy ever pops the question (have already had baby - we have things all messed up in the traditional sense!!) I too would like photograph up to this standard.

Miss W said...

I Love this photo too... they look so happy. I was super upset whe nthey split up - they seemed like the perfect couple :(


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