Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do you have to go so soon?

The weekend is almost over. Are you all as sad as I am? I napped the afternoon away, which was lovely and all, but there is so much more I wanted to do with my weekend. EA is back now, so I'm sharing the house once more. That's OK though, because EA is nice.

On Friday after work I met my friend in the city to go stationery shopping. We are about as obsessed as each other, so the outing could have ended in blown budgets and regret. I'm pleased to say, however, that we both kept each other in check. I was only allowed to spend what was in my wallet, i.e. $53, and my friend had to justify each purchase. One such conversation:

E: The document folder I really do need, I use them all the time and have run out. The clock I need, because I don't have one in my study yet. It's just this notepad. I have so many, and there are so many pages in this one that I'll probably tire of it after only a few pages. But it's so pretty!

J: Pfft, you're allowed one frivolous purchase.

E: Yeah! Exactly!

I think I'm an enabler.

Our first stop was Typo, a new store in Broadway in the city. It's another subsidiary of the Cotton On group, and I was surprised at how different all of their stationery was.

I bought a bunch of things, including a bag costing $2, which went to charity.

The little doll is so cute, I'll put her on my desk. We both bought the same clock, and the magazine file thingy was only $3. Bargain! I also bought a black binder, but had forgotten about it when I took the photo.

Next stop was Kikki-K:

I love elephants, so those post-it notes are perfect. E made the fabulous suggestion that a white pen would look super cool on the post-its, and therefore a white pen I bought. The canvas bag is HUGE, and for $10 it's a bargain for holding my JD/CPA books when I trek around the countryside to study on weekends. The little pegs are from Officeworks and are super cute. I have absolutely no use for them that I can fathom, however as I said earlier, you're allowed one frivolous purchase. In all I was pretty much on-budget, so yay!

I got through phases with Kikki-K. At the moment I'm not a great fan, hence the smallish haul. I think that in general I'm feeling a bit uninspired by the stationery shops that are available to me in Brisbane.

Do you have a favourite stationery store? Please, please, please link me to it if it's online - even if it's overseas.


Jane said...

Stationary shopping is ALL about frivolous purchases! I always buy a bunch of shit that I don't need, just because it looks pretty.

I stumbled across a Typo store in Macquarie Centre and fell in love! You're totally right, the stuff there is a different to other stationary stores. They have some hilarious greeting cards as well!

My personal favourite is Kikki K. xx

Nicky said...

I looooooooooooooove typo!
It's my new favourite shop!


Anonymous said...

I guess you need to re-determine what is quality and what is Chinese crap.
Because reality is that is Typo is selling the later. The store looks cool and markets females well, after all that is what Cotton On (owner of Typo) has been doing well for years.


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