Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My desk...

I've spent a bit of time going through my study and sorting out the piles of paper and clothes that took up pretty much all of the desk and floor space. My study used to be the spare bedroom, however when my CPA started we decided that I needed my own space away from the other study in our house, where EA keeps his computers. So now our guests get a mattress on the floor (you love that, don't you little sis?) and I have my own room.

I'm not ridiculously happy with it - obviously we'd make it a lot nicer if we weren't renting and could paint walls, etc. While we have several bookshelves in the house, none would fit in this room, so it's a struggle storing my text books. The managing director at my work gave me a white cupboard-type thing (should be above a fridge in a kitchen) and I'm using that as a chest to put the books I used regularly on. During our recent period of rain, however, and while it was still in the garage, it was water damaged, so now I need to find a small runner or cloth to put over it and make it less unsightly.

This is my desk. I bought it in August last year, and I must admit I have not used it near enough. From left to right:

~ My wallet - excuse me while I put it in my handbag, I'd hate to leave it at home today...
~ Document trays - all that's in there at the moment is a pile of papers that I haven't filed yet. Nothing exciting.
~ Lamp with USB and post-its (I am a sucker for writing lists on post-its and scattering them everywhere - ideally throughout my diary, but these have found their way out and onto my desk).
~ Pen holder thingy - I'm going to put tax receipts into the letter slot before I enter them into my tax spreadsheet (only one there - as you can see I'm right on top of my tax records).
~ My laptop. Imagine it is a MacBook Pro. I do.
~ A photo of my mum from her first day of work as a policewoman.
~ Second monitor - I will swap this for a silver one when I get a MacBook Pro (I already have it, it's in a cupboard - the joys of a fiancé in IT).
~ A kimidoll. This one is Tomo, and I forget what she is supposed to bring. Wisdom or something.
~ My new little doll from Typo.
~ My new clock from Typo.
~One of my many, many calculators. Hey, I'm an accountant, I'm allowed. This one is from Smiggle. I only use calculators with a 00 button. I'm too lazy to push 0 twice.
~ Mouse paid an wireless mouse - I've only just started using these again, because I've only just moved my laptop back into the study. Usually it's beside my bed and I do everything from my bed. It's summer, OK? I like the air con.

My drawers are a work in progress.

At the moment I have post-it tags, some painkillers, little clips, stickers for our sponsor child in Zambia, hand and body cream, some folders, note pads and document holders and a very small percentage of my pen collection. Nothing exciting. I'd like to tidy these up sometime this week.

As you can see, the chest my texts and course materials go on is a bit under the weather. It's very sad. I haven't filled the magazine files yet either.

So that's my desk - I'd love to see photos of your desks - give me some inspiration! I absolutely cannot study at a messy desk. Which is probably why I don't often study. Yikes.


Kellyansapansa said...

I'm a neat freak too - I love how organised you are!

missea said...

Haha, you don't even want to know about the pile of clothes behind where I was standing to take the picture. It will all be done by tonight though.

It's amazing how much calmer I feel knowing that I have a tidy space.

...Mrs.P! said...

I love your desk! It's super cool!
Just for you...
I've blogged about my desk('s)!

*Katie* said...

Do you professionally organize desks? You should.


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