Sunday, February 7, 2010

My favourite jeans...

I believe that jeans can change your mood, attitude and day. I look at my jeans and it brings back memories, both good and bad, but mostly the ones that I have kept just put a smile on my face.

Yesterday was a very happy day for me because my wide leg tsubis did up. I have a pair that is another two sizes smaller, so I'm a way off yet, however I'll take this as a goal being met.

I love jeans. I have far too many pairs, and that is after I've been selling them/given them to lifeline. I have about 3 pairs that fit, another 2 pairs that are close to fitting, and then approximately 10 - 12 pairs floating about that are way off. My goal is to fit into a particular pair of Pepe jeans that are sooooo comfy - the denim is so soft, I could absolutely live in them. I fit into these jeans at a time when I was really happy and felt healthy. When I fit into these again, then my weight loss efforts will cease and it will just be a matter of maintenance, no matter what the number on the scales tells me.

As you can see, they're nothing special, just plain old jeans. But seriously. You should feel the denim.

The other pair of jeans that I'm looking forward to fitting back into is my Denimbirds:

Gah! I can't believe how cheap they are now! I paid $240 when they first came out!!!

I think that if I buy any jeans in the next year, it will be something like these lean beans:

Yes, I know that they don't sell them any more. I'm quite happy to live in the past...

Two of my favourite pairs of jeans are so worn that they're despicable. However, when I fit them again, I will not wear anything else. The first is my pair of sass & bide rabbit boys, from a million years ago. Did you know that they had to discontinue this style because the ksubi boys claimed that they were too similar to theirs? I had no clue, but am not surprised given how much I love both styles.

See the hole in the knee of the left leg? So awesome. I made it worse one day when I was putting my leg in, but I don't care. I didn't take a photo of the back, but just under the butt on the right side is another hole. I'll wear them with pride, just not around my dad (I made that mistake once before). I have another pair that are still new, but I'm selling them on ebay. There are only so many pairs that you need...

And now, behold the best pair of jeans that ever was created. Again, they are tsubi (before they went all ksubi on us):

Note the bottom of the legs in the rear view photo. I used to wear these with thongs, and they were too long, so obviously I ruined the hem. After a while they were just hanging off so I took some scissors to them. Taking them up was not an option. I don't care. I distinctly remember these as being my go-to jeans when I wanted to sit on the couch with chocolate and pasta and watch Gilmore Girls for days on end. Bliss.

What are your favourite ever jeans? I would really, really love to know.


bowsnhearts said... really love your jeans!

Sadly to say, I am a jeans hater. They would never sit right on me due to my hour glass figure. It always fit at the thighs and everything and not at the waist. When it fits at the waist, it's too loose everywhere else.

Glad to see that you are progressing well on your fitness regime!

Anonymous said...

You can never have too many pair of jeans. Never. :D

Though my favourite pair of jeans has to be the pair that I bought from Uniqlo, years and years ago. They were comfy at the time and have only improved in that area and they haven't worn out, which is a big problem for me.

Anonymous said...

How have I never come across your blog in my blog stalking... I am dying for a pair of rabbit boys.
Did you sell yours?? What size were they? Bahhh
If you still have them could you please please please email me


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