Thursday, February 18, 2010

My shopping personality...

I love shopping. Unfortunately with a wedding and honeymoon to pay for, a house deposit to think about and life to fund, I don't get to shop near as much as I used to.

Until January I had a subscription to Shop Til You Drop magazine. It was a Christmas present from my father and sister (the gift that keeps on giving - perfect). When it came to Christmas 2009, however, I had to be strong and request that the subscription not be renewed. I was simply finding too much in there that I wanted to buy, and with too small a shopping budget to indulge myself, it was just too depressing.

You see, I have a funny way of shopping. I am not a browser. I hate to browse. I'm one of those shoppers who goes for a reason. I make a beeline for the stores that I want, zoom around until I find what I want and then I'm outta there. If I was a millionaire it might be a different story, but I doubt it. I just like to be efficient.

I get most of my inspiration from magazines. I will read a magazine and dog-ear the pages that contain an item that I would like. I then transfer these items to a list in my little notebook. After a week or so, I reassess - if I'd still like the item, I'll either purchase it, or stick it on my covet list (see the label in this blog for my recent list of wants).

The only magazine that I purchase now is In Style. I think it's my all-time favourite magazine. I love the celebrity shoots. It's crazy how much inspiration I get from them. A Keri Russell shoot from about 6 months ago is still stuck in my mind. The reason I have kept this subscription, though, is that most of the items in it are way out of my price range. Therefore - no temptation! It's genius. I can look at the pretty pictures without deluding myself into thinking that anything is attainable.

Of course, some items are, and these are the ones that make it onto my list.

It was only Monday that I finished the last two issues:

I made my list in my cute little notebook:

Not bad to only find four items in two magazines! One is of course the Emporio Armani watch that I have mentioned in a previous post. I saw an advertisement for a Leila by Yellowglen sparkling sauv blanc - my favourite, will take it to EA's dad and stepmum's house on the weekend for after they move.

I'm going to try the Benetint lip balm (such a cute jar!).
Last but not least, I saw a full page advertisement for Mesop. I checked out the website, and the clothes are reasonably priced plus super lovely. My favourites:

I adore this scarf. I must have it.

Black dress, black tights, batwing cardi. Can it be more me?

I think I might make a habit of posting my magazine inspirations. This was fun.


missklicious said...

I always make lists of things I want whilst I'm flipping through magazines too! Magazines are bad for the bank balance.

Oh, Natalie.. said...

Oh gosh, I am exactly the same - right down to 'I had a Shop til you Drop subscription until January this year'. Literally. Bit freaky really.. Shame I'm still buying it every month. Silly. If it's of any comfort I find it's going downhill a little.

missea said...

I saw that the new issue is out and I didn't let myself read the cover - I just don't want to know what's inside. It's sort of sad, because magazines really are something I enjoy.

Perhaps I need to stop being so hard on myself. I can look at the pretty pictures, I just have to have the willpower not to buy...


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