Friday, February 19, 2010


On Thursdays I have a carpark under the building at work, and so I drive in. Usually I drop in to Officeworks on these days if I need to pick something up. Yesterday, however, I had no need for Officeworks at all and yet my brain automatically navigated there. I parked and then looked around, wondering what the hell I was doing in an Officeworks carpark when I had set off for the office.

I figured that just because nothing I needed came to mind, didn't mean there actually was nothing I needed. So I went inside to do the aisles, just in case. Turns out there were things that I needed - and I'm not just saying that! I don't have a stapler or hole punch at home anymore, and of course everyone needs these things. I especially need the hole punch for my study materials, otherwise how on earth will they fit into my binders? See? Need!

Other items that I needed some staples, erasable dividers, stickers for our sponsor child and an erasable pen (just use the silver ball at the top of it - friction erases everything! Genius! I also picked up a new USB stick thingy yesterday. It's light blue and metallic and super pretty. It makes me want to save things willy nilly.

I feel as though I need to speak specifically about this stapler. This stapler is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I am extremely picky about my staplers. They need to make 3 sounds as the staple is being stapled - ch-ch-chnk. See? Like that. I've spent a great deal of money on staplers over the years on the quest for the perfect 3-sound mechanism. This is not only very pretty (the white and the clear plastic matches my other desk objects), but it also creates the perfect flat staple in the page. A steal for around $25.

OK, enough on that.

Yesterday afternoon I had to go and have a scan done, followed by a trip to Chermside to visit the Apple store. Traffic was so bad I didn't think I was going to make it. There was some very foul language used in some of the tweets that I drafted. It all ended up OK though, and I was given a new iPhone because my old one was misbehaving. Nothing serious, but nothing that could be fixed easily. I was very pleased with the service, there were no questions asked, they just swapped it. I had of course been to see them before and they had given me some troubleshooting steps, which hadn't worked like they/I had hoped.

I have the monthly accounts meetings at work today. EA is picking me up at 5pm and we're going to the Gold Coast to help his dad and stepmum move house. On Sunday morning we leave super early to drive to Gympie for a baptism. It will be a long, tiring weekend but if it ends in cuddling a cute baby then I'm OK with that.

On that note, I'd better go and pack before getting ready for work. Then have to jump on EA so he wakes up and can drive me to the station.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I'm looking forward to participating in Fat Mum Slim's Point and Shoot!


bowsnhearts said...

Are you purchasing those items for your CPA/CA studies?

Throughout my entire uni life, I was frustrated with my mini stapler which was unable to staple together most of my thick assignments. So I have to go to uni and use one at the reception desk.

I have always been thinking of getting a really good one like the one pictured but somehow have never got around to doing it. Shows you what a big procrastinator I am considering that I was at uni for 6 years!

$25 is definitely a steal!

Jade said...

Have a great weekend & I look forward to seeing your Point & Shoot entry!


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