Monday, February 1, 2010

One down, four to go...

Hating Mondays is a very new concept to me, however I've taken to it with gusto. I used to look forward to Mondays because I'd get bored on weekends. Now, be it because I have EA or that I'm just so tired all the time, I want my weekends to last forever.

This Monday is particularly rubbish. I didn't go to sleep ridiculously late last night, however I woke up super tired. I'm hurting all over from the gym, however mostly my shin bones. I don't know what's wrong, but I'm just praying it's muscular. They hurt last night while I was on the treadmill and then when I hopped off and touched my shin bones a sharp pain surrounded the area. Not pleasant. So I'm skipping the gym tonight, both to give my legs a rest and also to get back into a morning gym routine. Hello 5am gym sessions!

I won't go into the details of my day, however suffice it to say that it was extremely unproductive and yet stressful at the same time - the worst combination. I left at 4pm and got the hiccups on the way to the train. Half an hour later I still had them and each time I hiccuped the lady in the seat next to me would bounce along with me. I don't think she was very pleased. They finally eased, and so I put my sunnies on and fell asleep in the train.

I have an enormous list of things to do tonight. Most of which were listed for me to do sometime last week, but I never got around to doing them. Now that I'm not gymming in the evenings I really have no choice. I need to be productive. I think I'll sit on here for a while longer and then potter about doing chores while watching some TV.

I hope all of your Mondays were better than mine.



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