Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have decided to try detoxing for 2 weeks, inspired by Thea at Do I Really Wanna Blog? Two kilos in two weeks with no exercise? Yes please! I will of course keep up with my gymming (though I haven't been going every day like I was) so hopefully that means even better results.

I actually wanted to start this yesterday - after breakfast of course because I was staying at the Treasury and eating at Lab Restaurant. I got through the day OK, but a milkshake followed by pizza sort of stuffed my plan.

Today was a new day and I was determined to stick to the plan. What is the plan, you ask? Nothing too hardcore - just no wheat, refined sugars or alcohol for two weeks.

I got off to a great start:

I had a few rice crackers as a snack, but they're allowed, see, so it was OK.

Lunch was also a success:

Yum! I'm not even being sarcastic, I actually love veggies.

At about 3pm though I cracked and ate a monte carlo. Who on earth puts them in the biscuit jar when Jodi's on detox? It's my fault - I unpacked the groceries to lend a hand to the woman who usually does it, and put all of my favourite snacks at the front of the cupboard (obviously this was before I decided to cut down on sugar).

So. I obviously need some sort of justification. I've decided that I'll blame Thea. Or at least refer to her success. You see, Thea ate chocolate throughout and was still successful. I'm going to allow myself today's biscuit. And if I eat one tomorrow as well? I'll allow myself that, too.

I won't take photos of my food every day. I forgot to take a photo of my dinner (a sausage and a rissole - I ate half of each). I will, however, try to document my experience and I'll blog about it in the end. Thanks again to Thea for her inspiration. This can only be a good thing for me.

I'm absolutely exhausted this week. I'll probably blog (read: whinge) about this at a later date. So, to cheer myself up, let me add a photo of some of my calculators:

I'm picky about my calculators. I didn't choose all of these - I only buy calculators with a 00 button. I'm currently using the white one on my desk at home and the blue one with stickers on it at work.


Thea said...

Yay you!! Great start, keep it up, it's only 2 weeks.
How cute is that calculator collection!! :)

Oh, Natalie.. said...

I also love vegies (without lying). They're jsut yum!

Eat more something, that's not enough food! Protein? Chickpeas or lentils even? I'm worried you'll pass out at the gym or something =S

Look after yourself x

*Katie* said...

The pictures of your food are beautiful but to be honest, they make me hungry! :)
Also, I wasn't aware you could buy calculators with a 00 button! I don't get out much...

Jane said...

Oh, you and your Steam Fresh veggies!

About a month ago, I lasted a week without refined sugars etc, and like Thea, I also lost 2kg and could actually see a difference.

The only problem was I was thinking about Freddo Frogs and Cadbury Creme Eggs 24/7. I think I'd rather be a kilo or two heavier if it meant I could actually think beyond the confectionary aisle.

Good luck! Keep us updated coz I really want to hear how you go with it! x

missea said...

Thea - I just realised that I'm booked for a high tea on Sunday week - looks like I'll be blatantly cheating that day!

Natalie - thanks, chick peas are going on the shopping list! I have a three bean mix here at work for today - will mix it in with my veggies.

Katie - I think the fact that I know about 00 buttons is just testament to the fact that I have NO LIFE. Plus I'm an accountant - I'm nothing without my calculator!

Jane - I almost told you off on twitter this morning when you mentioned eggs on toast - I can't have toast! Gah!

Kellyansapansa said...

I've just finished a detox too and am feeling fabulous for it. I cut out dairy too and it made all the difference. Good luck with it!

Jade said...

Yummy. Those vegies look good and are making me hungry :)

Loving the calc collection! You're almost as bad as my husband!


Ohhh....detoxing is hard but def worth it! A year ago I did a 2 week detox. I was so tempted to throw in the towel but persisted and lost 4 kg and felt the best I have ever felt.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love fruits and veggies, good luck on your detox ;)xoxo

Mae said...

Ooo good luck on your detox, sounds like you're off to a great start! :)
Wow, thats a lot of calculators! My only pre-req is that they have to be pretty..ahaha.


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