Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010...

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter long weekend. I'm so sad that it's coming to an end - at least it's another 4 day week this week! Unfortunately I've also come down with a cold - EA is sick with it as well. It started yesterday for me, though I was feeling run-down before that. Joint aches, swollen and sore glands, headache, sore throat - it's all happening.

Yesterday I was designated table-holder, so drove out to the picnic area and set up before anyone else could snag the prime table. I stared off those who wanted to steal the wood for our barbecue, watched a show on my iPhone and read the Kindle. I'm reading The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson - the second book in the Millennium trilogy. I wish someone else I knew had read them so we could go and see the first film together.

I was in charge of nibbles, so I made my Mexican dip and a gherkin dip (Philly cheese and sandwich pickles - easy peasy). My Mexican dip is super yum, and a lot of us were full even before the sausages went on the barbecue:

Mix a can of refried beans with a packet of taco seasoning mix. Spread on the bottom of a tray/serving device (I lack a tray of the correct size, must rectify that).

Finely chop enough capsicum to spread evenly over the bean layer.

Mix light sour cream with two avocadoes - no idea what ratio, I just guess and perform several taste tests. Sometimes I add some crushed garlic also, but not this time.

Finely chop a tomato (I removed the seeds, but sometimes I don't) and layer on top of the avocado.

Sprinkle with tasty cheese, and you're in business. Just add corn chips!

I'm not the world's best cook, mostly because I don't practice near enough. Dips I can do.

The picnic was lovely and relaxing, though because of my early morning I was the first to leave. I tried to have a nap, but MY LITTLE SISTER WOKE ME UP right as I had fallen asleep. Thanks, J! So I had a coffee. Almost as good as a nap.

Last night we saw Buena Vista Social Club at the Concert Hall at QPAC. As expected, they were absolutely amazing, and we were really happy with our seats.

I was so sad when it ended. Worth every penny.

I guess it's time I did some learning. I have a meeting with my mentor about my CPA subjects at the end of this week, so I want to have a bunch of questions compiled for him. It's going to be a long (short) week.


Carly Findlay said...

I really like the cover for your Kindle.
I am wanting a decal for my laptop... Where did you get yours?

missea said...

Hi Carly - thanks :)

I got my cover from - such a huge range. I paid the $5 extra for the satin finish - a little bit nicer I think...

Jade said...

YUM YUM. I love dips and will be attempting the Mexican dip on the weekend.


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