Sunday, April 11, 2010


I may have mentioned before that EA and I have a fish tank. It's 4 feet long, so quite large, however until today we had only had one black moor in it for some time.

All of our black moors are named Caramel George, pronounced with a Southern accent - Caamal Garj sort of. Hard to type it phonetically!

Anyway, just wanted to put up some photos of our new little pets. We need to put in more plants and a new log for them to hide in, but we'll get there. The orange fantail with the most white has orange around her lips - hence the name Hotlips. We couldn't get a great photo of her from the front though.


LUCY. said...

oh I love fishies!
We have a giant tank too, and I have a really big bowl in the kitchen with a giant goldfish! I might take some photos to post too! They're just lovely to watch :)

Oh, Natalie.. said...

Wow fishies are very photogenic! I'm too scared to get fish because I get so upset when animals die (my brother has hermit crabs and I cry when one dies) and I'm scared one would pass.

Silly really.


Desperately Seeking Audrey said...

hehe, very nice! =)

our fish have a tendancy to leave the plants for a day or so, then they go crazy and pull them out....

it's so bare in there now.... LOL
Crazy fish!

Enjoy! What a lovely home for them =)

missea said...

Lucy - I'd love to see a photo of your fish!!! EA is going to set up our smaller tank and put an oscar in there, so we'd love some inspiration.

Natalie - we have lost a few fish and I cry my eyes out every single time. People think fish are disposable, but they're living things with little minds and I just hate being responsible for them dying. Still, they're so cute to watch and I talk to them when I'm home alone. I love that they know when I'm about to feed them and come to the top of the tank.

Audrey - we lose our plants too - I don't think these will last very long! Already they've been picking at the middle one. The one on the far left is fake though!

Thea said...

Oh, they're gorgeous!
I just cleaned our fish tank yesterday...not a job I like much!! :)

Aspiring Domestic Goddess said...

This is going to kill you both missea and Natalie - I was going to say "Yum Yum, My Turtles would LOVE to eat those fishies for dinner".
Ahh I am not really as heartless as I seem.

Gorgeous fish tho :)

Jade said...

I love fish. I'd like to save up for a tropical tank and have a renewed cast of Finding Nemo - just purchased from a reputable aquarium though and not stolen from the GBR!


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