Thursday, April 22, 2010

InStyle May 2010...

I've mentioned numerous times that InStyle is my favourite magazine. Mostly because of the pretty pictures, helped along by the fact that I can't afford most of the items that they feature. My favourite magazine used to be Shop Til You Drop, but that led to an alarming shopping addiction that has taken a long time to kick. I now stay away from that devil mag.

As always, I'm inspired by a few lovely things in this month's mag.

I would commit murder for this Cartier ring in white gold.

I love this Tiffany key.

This Marchesa dress is AMAZING. SJP looks gorgeous. If only I had that body and an event to wear such a dress to.

Melissa George's dress also caught my eye. Fancy that, also Marchesa. In the mag she looks like a lollipop head - I don't remember her being so small.

I'd seen two Marchesa dresses I liked in a row, so went onto the website. Oh, look:

Probably not what I'll go with for my wedding, but pretty nonetheless.

For some reason I love this:

And I HATE this - there's mixing prints, and then there's looking downright ridiculous:

All images from google

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Little A. said...

LOVE the purple dress! So pretty XO

Flit About said...

I'm usually a big fan of Olivia, but I agree with you, this outfit didn't get my tick of approval...
SJP...Perfection as always!


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