Friday, April 30, 2010


My little sister and my father love fishing. Me - not so much. I'm impatient, see - I can fish for a few minutes, but then I need something to keep myself occupied. A book, some conversation (but shh, don't scare the fish!) or a camera to take happy snaps.

One of my fondest fishing memories was at Bribie Island, with Dad and little sis, years and years ago now. It was winter, it was freezing, it was dark. I have some fantastic photos somewhere of both Dad and little sis grinning at me with their daggy fishing clothes and beanies on. I fished for a few minutes, but as usual quickly grew bored and so took out my camera. As the sun rose we could see dolphins - so close to the shore - frolicking and no doubt eating the fish that Dad and little sis were trying to catch.

I took this photo - of the winter sunrise - and I've loved it ever since. I love winter. I love mornings. I love the sunrise.

This is my entry for the Blog This Challenge 43.


missklicious said...

Spectacular photo. I love sunrises & sunsets.

I'm too impatient for fishing too, but I like enjoying the scenery


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