Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's in my handbag...

I've seen this post doing the rounds for a few months now and have wanted to do it myself. I wanted to clean out my handbag, so what better opportunity.

I am currently using my Oroton Alpine Large Gather Hobo that EA bought me for my birthday last year. I adore it - I had seen it months before and he remembered it - very sweet. I found it difficult to get a good picture of it, so here is the actual bag and the picture from the website:

Now for what is actually in my handbag:

1. My wallet
2. My keys - still loving the shoe keyring
3. Sunnies - Oroton, a couple of years old now
4. Purse for my Go Card - Oroton
5. Pencil case - Dora!
6. Organiser - Oroton
7. iPhone
8. Moxie products
9. Dior Capture Totale mini - good for when my skin gets dry during the day
10. Jurlique Love Balm - gorgeous balm, would definitely recommend it
11. My Kindle (and leather case)
12. My glasses
13. Camera (in leather case)
14. Hand sanitiser spray
15. Panadol Rapid
16. Mini calculator

I usually also have a perfume mini and a small pack of tissues, but I ran out of both last week and haven't replaced them.

I need a really large bag - as you can see I carry a fair bit around with me and I usually shove more things in throughout the day (water, notebooks, shopping, etc.) I don't think I'll ever be able to have one of those tiny handbags.

If you haven't already participated in this - I'd love to see what is in your handbag!


*Katie* said...

Wow. You are well organized even for carrying so much good stuff. I would be embarassed to take a pic of the contents of my bag. Not nearly as organized as you!! This gives me something to strive for.

missea said...

Oh Katie, I promise this is my 'post clean-out' bag!!! I usually have a bit of junk in there too - old receipts, easter egg wrappers, etc!

Jade said...

I shall do this when I clean out my bag. It's a shit pit at the moment!


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