Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My friend E introduced me to dogstar years ago. I currently own some brown Astro pants that I love, plus a few accessories. It's a little out of my budget most of the time, but boy is it the style I love. Their wide leg pants are amazing. They are flattering on everybody, seriously.

I cracked and had a look at their winter line, and now I really wish I hadn't.

Wide leg pants

Twister skirt & Link top

Tabi dress

Rumble tunic

Rocket dress

Phantom belt

Echo wrap & Vertigo pants

Dapple vest & Astro pants

Dapple tunic & Vertigo pants

Dapple top & Noveau pants

Armadillo top & Tabi skirt


The Kara K Project said...

Love the rocket dress look, Armadillo top and Dapple tunic & Vertigo pants! Thanks for that, i'm going to check it out! x


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