Friday, May 14, 2010

Exciting news...

I will have to delay this post because I'm yet to conduct a difficult conversation and read through a contract, but when this post goes live it means that I have resigned from my job!!!

I don't talk about my job terribly much on here, though I will say that I do enjoy my job. I work as a corporate accountant for a group of companies based both here and overseas. The work is interesting and there is variety, but lately I've realised that I might want to go in a slightly different direction.

I have been offered the role of practice manager for a probity audit and advisory firm and as part of that I will also be the accountant for a barrister in the city. I'll be doing exactly what I do now, however I'll also be working on that business. Sounds exciting, right? It's definitely a step forward with regards to my career. Plus the director is keen for me to keep going with CPA and also Juris Doctor - who knows, I may end up as a lawyer if I so choose. In any case, it's all going to be great experience and I could go in any direction if I were to move on down the track - accounting, practice management, law.

Anyway, I finish up on 10 June, ready to fly to Melbourne on 11 June - of course I'm going to have to shop for new work clothes while we're down there! Then I start my new job on 15 June, which also happens to be my birthday. Coinkidink.

I have also decided I'm going to begin a shoe fetish. I almost typed foot fetish in then, but that would just be weird, now, wouldn't it? As such, I'm going to need new shoes. Like these:

And these:

Pretty, no? Both under $70, and on sale at Brands Exclusive. If you'd like an invite to join the shopping site, email me - my address is in the About Me section I think. Awesome sales there.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Oh well done!!! Wishing you all the best in your new career path and also all the best in fulfilling your shoe fetish hehe!

Kelsbels said...

Congratulations!!!! becareful a shoe fetish can be very dangerous! LOL

Bee said...

COngratulations! I hope it all works out for you. It's nice to know your near future is all planned out with many good opportunities!

If you can, could you please meail me the invite for that site. xx

missea said...

Bee - you should have a few emails coming towards you with invites to the awesome sales sites :) Enjoy!


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