Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mac accessories...

Albie Mac is cold. After a failed search through Chermside shopping centre this evening, I've decided my best bet is to hit up Etsy for a handmade laptop sleeve. There are about seventy million sleeves to choose from, all made from cute fabrics and colours. If I had my own sewing machine I know that I could make one for myself, but alas, while a sewing machine is on my covet list, it's not something I plan on buying in the near future.

These are the sleeves I'm trying to decide between. Feel free to give me your opinion on which I should buy or suggest other ideas!!!

US$19.99 from Bella Mela

US$32 from Sandrastju

US$23.99 from JiuJiu

US$23.99 also from JiuJiu


Oh, Natalie.. said...

I love the second & the fourth one!

Kelsbels said...

I like the last one! ..

Hey have you seen these, it won't keep Albie warm, but it will make it look pretty...

Little A. said...

I also love the second and the fourth!


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