Monday, May 17, 2010

New job, new toys...

Changing jobs is a very expensive exercise for me. I not only need some more corporate clothes, but I've also talked myself into needing some new leather goods and other sundry items.

I think I need these things for two reasons. First, I'm dreading the next four weeks and I need some pretty new things to keep me going if my days are unpleasant. Retail therapy, if you will. Second, I am going to be a lot busier in this new role and will have to be extremely well organised. I'll also have a lot of meetings in which I'll be taking a great deal of notes, as that's what I tend to do to keep things clear in my mind.

I'm trying to decide whether I need a new A4 organiser/diary, or just a compendium to collate my notes in - I would keep my A5 Oroton planner for personal organisation and would use my computer/iPhone for work appointments.

I'm trying to decide out of the following:

A4 organisers:

A4 compendiums/notepad holders:

Or, I could do that as well as an A4 diary:

What are your thoughts? How do you organise yourself in the office with regards to notes, appointments and planning? I'd really love to hear any ideas or suggestions you have.

The only other two items I would like have featured on this blog before.

I may purchase the Oroton Abbey tote in Melbourne or wait for sale time after 30 June, and I may just put the watch on lay-by so that I don't have to blow savings on it - I'll not notice the missing money then!

I'd also love to know what you buy when you get a new job - give me ideas!!!


Little A. said...

I love the first leather organiser! Mmm I can feel the leathery goodness right now

Laser Pegs said...
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