Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Resolutions update...

It's been a little while since I updated you all (and myself) about the progress of my resolutions. I fear this is not going to be a happy report. Let's see...

1. Eat well and exercise

Uh oh. Not a great start. I have managed to not put on any weight, however I've not been good with my diet and I could certainly be exercising more. I just need to find the time, and I think that late at night is going to be the best time for me, even if that means a little less sleep. With regards to my diet, I started back on the steam fresh lunches yesterday, so it's on the improve...

2. Become 2/3 of a CPA

I was thinking that if I got a new job that I might stop the CPA, however my new employer is keen for me to continue and I think that it will be a great qualification to have down the track. My exams are done for this semester and I'm just waiting on the results (one month today, as it happens). I was also planning on cutting back to one subject next semester and taking on two law subjects, however I have credit for all of the law subjects being offered, so I'm going to tackle two CPA modules again. This will be the last time though. If all goes to plan I'll be a CPA by the end of next year.

3. Cook more

Hmm. This is a tricky one. We've been eating out a lot more over the last few weeks, so I think I'm going to have to slap myself on the wrist and turn things around.

4. Keep a tidy house

I'm seriously amazing myself. I do need to do some dishes and I really need to tidy my office, however the rest of the house is great - I've turned a corner, and I think I've turned that corner long term. It's sad how amazed I am at this.

5. Spend more time on me

I'm definitely going... OK at this. I have been shopping, I have been spending time straightening my hair, I've been pretty good with the ol' face routine. So far so good.

How are you all going with your resolutions?


Jane said...

Totally with you on Resolution #1.

Ugh, maybe it's the cold weather or something, but I just haven't been exercising as much as I usually do. And my diet has been SO bad lately.

Going to start making a conscious effort on that one this week! Thanks for the kick up the bum x


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