Saturday, May 15, 2010


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday. My favourite day of the week - we still have Sunday to go!

Thanks so much for all of the twitter messages and comments yesterday. It turned out to be a really awful day. The conversation was hard and didn't end as I would have hoped, though to an extent I understand why. Without going into any more detail, at least it's over now, and while the next four weeks may not be pleasant at work, at least the hard part is over and done with.

I went to a friend's house last night for dinner and a long overdue catch-up. It was so wonderful to see her, and I didn't get home until after midnight. I'm so wild. Wilder still is that I didn't wake up until 9.40am this morning!!! That's unheard of. EA and I watched The Mentalist and we've just come back from the shops where we were looking for electronics. We had no immediate plans to buy, we just went for a bit of a window shop. I looked at computers (laptops), EA looked at amplifiers and sat nav stuff. I came home with a new Nintendo DS game that was only $10. I can't wait to play it later this evening.

Tonight we're going for Mexican and then to the rugby with EA's family. I completely forgot until about 1pm - I have had so much going on this week that the weekend just slipped my mind. Tomorrow I'm going to go to work late morning/afternoon to get some things done, plus I'll do a bit of my next law assignment.

I'm hoping I'll be blogging a bit more over coming weeks. I will never be able to promise daily blog posts, but if I manage it then that would be great. I'll just come and go as I can and when I have things to say.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Jane said...

Sorry to hear that awful conversation didn't go too smoothly. But you're right- the hardest part is done. Yay!

Enjoy Mexican and footy tonight xx


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