Monday, May 10, 2010

Silver Shop...

I have been inspired by a few bloggers' jewellery posts recently. I love jewellery, though I don't have very much of it. I used to have so many pairs of earrings that it wasn't funny, but over the years I've either lost them or I've decided they're not my style anymore.

I used to wear yellow gold, though upon becoming engaged I moved to white gold and silver. I think it looks better with my skin tone than yellow gold, though if there is a piece of yellow gold jewellery that I love then I would still wear it.

My style is very monochrome when it comes to clothing, and so I rely on accessories (scarves, earrings, watches) to make my outfits a little more interesting. I've decided to allow myself an accessory obsession once more. I spent perhaps an hour on The Silver Shop website on Friday afternoon and found the following pieces that I would LOVE. In a vague order of my love for them:

Do you have any recommendations on great online jewellery stores?


Little A. said...

loving the bracelets and bangles! i have such a weakness for them ><


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