Sunday, June 6, 2010

What a week...

I have had one of the worst weeks this week, mostly because of my lack of sleep. As it turns out, I am an extremely unpleasant person when I haven't had enough sleep. Most nights it was due to my neck and back being out and my being in pain whenever I moved, however some nights I have no idea why I couldn't sleep. I think it's just one of those phases where I sleep poorly, but one night it will all turn around and I'll be sleeping like a baby once more. Ha. As if I've ever slept like a baby.

To cheer myself up, I've been doing a little more online shopping. EA is as yet unaware - SURPRISE! Remember that you love me...

Speaking of EA, we have now been engaged for one year and one day. One year and 6 days until our wedding. Eek!

Now for the shopping:

And some other things that I would like to buy (it really is a sickness):

Louie - I tried on a pair of huge ones and you said that of all of the huge ones that I have ever tried on they are the best. Do you remember the brand?

Only 4 more days of my current job. I'm terribly excited to start the new one. I have found out that I do in fact have an hour for lunch each day. This is both dangerous and exciting. I'm quite close to the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane - about 3 blocks from the entrance to Myer. I've seen a really quaint cafe that goes into an alley that's on my block - looking forward to trying the coffee there.

Anyway, hope that you're all having a lovely weekend. It's almost over, but that's OK. The sooner this week flies by, the sooner I'll be in Melbourne with little sis.


Jade said...

Yay for online shopping, boo for no sleep. Hope it all gets better for you.

Little A. said...

Loving the Ralph Lauren sunnies. I haven't had a chance to try my Chanel ones on yet but since I'm in the city now I'm sure I'll have plenty of time this week. My bldg is across from Queens Plaza! Way too dangerous! Eek!

Oh, Natalie.. said...

Oo be sure to do a review of that lippie, I have eyed it before...

Here's to a better week this week. I had a terrible one last too, so I hope it improves for both of us!



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