Saturday, August 28, 2010

Covet list...

It's been a while since I've added to my covet list. I just haven't been looking at buying little things recently - we've been doing a lot of saving, and any money we have been spending has been on larger items, like a clothes dryer and treadmill.

I've never really been a Louis Vuitton fan, but lately so many items have been catching my eye. Enjoy.

Laptop case $835

Stellar PM $3,800

Twist It Bracelet $435

Save It Bracelet $435

Medium Ring Agenda Cover $620

Leopard Stole $910

Keep It Bracelet $210

Judy $1,070

Jet Ligne Pen $520

Inclusion Ring $295

Inclusion Bracelet $390

Inclusion Bracelet $390

Inclusion Bracelet $390

Inclusion Bracelet $390

Gallea $2,190

Coeur $1,290

Celeste $485

A La Folie $320


Bee said...

I've always been a Chanel and had a strong dislike for LV. But for my graduation I chose a LV bag instead which surprised me. I love the Keep It bracelet. It's adorable. On a LV note, I recently realised that I through out a LV laptop bag my dad gave me =\ It was because I didn't like LV at the time so after months and months of it sitting there.. I'm now 99% sure I through it out. What was I thinking? =(

WrenRennard said...

I love all the jewellery here!

missea said...

Bee - oh dear! I can't imagine throwing out something like that! I'm likely to sell, but not throw out...

Wren - isn't it fantastic? I especially love the last ring. Makes me want to go shopping in my lunch break, but alas, I must save my pennies...

Monica said...

My sister bought me the Asur Speedy 30 for my 21st, LOVE IT! :)


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