Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lazy Sunday evening...

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. My weekend has been wonderful compared to the week preceding it. I was in such a bad mood that I was not a nice person to be around - thank goodness that feeling has passed. I was really ill last weekend and was a bit unwell into the week. I'm pleased to say though that after a really pleasant weekend I'm looking forward to the week to come.

Yesterday my little sister and I went searching for fitness equipment. I have cancelled my membership at the gym because I'm simply not finding the time to trek over there enough to justify the cost. My days:

4.45am Wake up, swear at myself for not being able to sleep in
5.00am Get ready for work
6.00am On the train to work
6.45am Work work work through the day
5.00pm Leave work - I like to leave earlier, but this doesn't happen as often as I'd like
5.50pm Arrive home, chat with EA about our days
6.30pm Dinner
7.00pm Study/chores (theoretically, this rarely happens)
8.00pm Bed time - I'm not even kidding. When you take as long as I do to fall asleep and you're so tired from waking at 4.45am, this is when I need to be winding down for the day

As you can see, there isn't too much time for trekking to the gym. If it was IN MY HOUSE, however, I think that I could swing it. Especially because I'm the type of exerciser who becomes energised after a workout. Late night runs don't suit me, because then I can't get to sleep for a few hours afterwards. Ideally I'd like to do my exercise in the mornings before going to work. This may mean waking up earlier or going to work later, I'll have to figure that out. Either that or I work out as soon as I get home in the evenings, then have dinner and chat to EA before retiring to my study to work until I am tired. Perhaps I can train myself to then wake up later so I'm not functioning on under 6 hours of sleep per night.

I should note that I am behind in my study. As usual. That one hour of study that I put in my daily timetable above? Ridiculous. I should be doing at least 2 hours of work a night if I want to keep up with things and do well.

My point - yesterday I chose a treadmill, and today I took EA to look at it before we purchased. It will be delivered tomorrow and I'm super excited. It's the York Monza Rival and we bought it from Fitness Market at Indooroopilly:

I love that it has a spot to sit my iPhone so I can watch my stories while I run.

I have been inspired (yet again) by the lovely Jane and I'm going to once again attempt the C25K program. Jane has joined a bunch of other lovely bloggers to support each other and so far it sounds like they're doing really well. I got about half way through the program last time and then it just sort of fell away. I don't know why. I was running about 3km without stopping, I should have continued on. My first goal, as was the first goal last time, is to be able to run 5km in under 30 minutes. After that, I'm really not sure. Probably I will then try to run 5km in under 30 minutes with inclines and whatnot, or even outside. In the sun. And the heat. Under the magpies.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

We also have a wind trainer for our bike which will be set up next to the treadmill in our garage. EA mostly rides the bike when he goes to the gym, so this should be good for him. We also have some free weights and I will purchase some sort of gym mat so that I can do sit ups, etc. comfortably. Our house is all wooden floors and that's not very pleasant to work out on.

I'm also going to start my weight loss journal again. Since my first loss of 5kg I have put on about 1.5kg. Not cool. I want to lose about 7kg before I think about trying on wedding dresses, and with 9.5 months to go I'm going to have to get onto the search soon. Perhaps I'll start a Monday morning weigh-in and blog about it for accountability. Gah.

On that note, I'm off to think about the wedding for a while. I could study, but what sort of a procrastinator would I be if I did that?


Oh, Natalie.. said...

I totally feel you on the fitness/lck there of. I am eating terribly too. I'm trying to pick it all up at the momnent too & it's hard! But I have Summer & not having a virus for 6 weeks consecutive in my sights!


missea said...

Glad I'm not the only one, Nat - I'm constantly wondering how all of these people do it - stay healthy, work, plus actually have a life on the side.

We'll get there :)

Kelly said...

Hey Honey if you have trouble falling asleep I can highly recommend a natural product.. DM me on twitter or email me at my blog if you wanna know what it is, don't wanna put it on her..don't wanna seem like I'm selling stuff or spamming you haha! I didn't sleep more then 4 hours a night before i started using it..

Polly6034 said...

Not sure if you're still on VF, but drop by the "commitment" thread if you want some extra accountability. Each week we commit to sticking with our own fitness goals/workouts. It's very motivating :)

Nice to see you back blogging.


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