Friday, August 27, 2010


Seems those lunges and squats did something last night, because as the day went on I found it increasingly difficult to walk, and instead started waddling. It's mostly my quads, but the soreness is now moving around into my glutes. I had originally thought I might have been doing them wrong, but after following a suggestion to youtube the correct technique I realised I was doing them correctly.

I still travelled for 5km on the treadmill this evening, however I walked instead. I started at 6km/hr but then increased to 6.2km/hr.

I could feel guilty for not running, because let's be honest, I could have pushed through and at least upped the speed to 7km/hr for the walk, but I refuse to let myself feel guilty because I went out there and did something. Resting my muscles a little today will allow me to go harder tomorrow.

I also kept the speed down a little because I am in the middle of this book:

It is the third instalment in the Hunger Games trilogy. It was released on Wednesday and I'd been waiting for it for months ever since I read the first two books in the series. I seriously recommend these books.

Reading while I walked made the 50ish minutes go so quickly. I think perhaps on days where I don't feel like listening to music I might put some audiobooks on my iPhone. Or take the Kindle out, given it would be far easier to turn the pages on that than on a regular book.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Jane said...

How good is that sore feeling afterwards?! Makes you feel like its working xx

missea said...

Absolutely, it's a very good hurt. Makes it that much nicer to curl up in bed after a hot shower as well...


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