Thursday, August 26, 2010

So far so good...

Anyone who follows my twitter may know that yesterday really, really sucked. I got to work a bit after 6am, worked 11 hours (12 hours with a one hour lunch break), was a bit sore from my 5km on the treadmill Monday night but also had to trek around the city where I probably walked almost 5km throughout the day including my walk to Barracks and to meet my friend J for lunch.

My grand plan had been to leave work at 4.30pm, go home, work out on the tready, have a shower and then go to my friend E's house for dinner. It was going to be her wedding this Saturday if her relationship hadn't ended in January and she's not had it easy for the last 7 months. I'm trying to be a good friend this week. Anyway, I was still at work at 6.15pm and was really starting to get furious. By about 6.35pm I could leave and thankfully a really nice barrister offered to drive me to my friend's house as it was on his way, rather than me having to train it out to Ferny Grove to pick up my car and then drive all the way back in to Teneriffe.

Long story short - had pad thai for dinner with E, got a splitting headache, EA was lovely enough to drive over to pick me up and I almost had a good night's sleep. The kicker though? Someone keyed my car at the train station. I parked really well, away from other cars so they couldn't have done it accidentally or because they were annoyed that I parked too close. It must have been some idiot bogan with nothing better to do than damage other people's property. Makes me so mad.

So. Back to the fitness thing. I obviously had zero time yesterday to work out, which was annoying, but probably for the best given I was a bit sore and tired. Today I started work at 6am but was gone by midday so I could nap for the afternoon. I felt so much better afterwards, and was looking forward to my run on the treadmill this evening.

My results?

It's fuzzy because I was still moving at the time...

I'm really pleased with that. That's an average speed of 7.17km/hr. Just one minor mishap - I was sprinting (or running fast - it's not really a sprint) and I sort of fell off the treadmill a bit. My iPhone went flying but luckily didn't break, but I did break my earphones a bit. No more running that fast for a while...

I then came inside and attempted stage 2 of my daily workout (this is a new addition):
  • 3 x 15 squats
  • 3 x 15 lunges
  • 3 x 15 sit-ups
  • 3 x 15 butt thrusts (there has to be a better name but I do not know it...)
I got through one set and my legs were on fire so I was a big girly girl and gave up. I'll try for two sets tomorrow night and then 3 from then on...

I know that I won't be able to take off two minutes from my time each day - if I'm a bit sore I won't even make that time tomorrow night. But I need to make sure I push myself and don't become complacent.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, is the graph that I am keeping to track my daily weight. Minus the numbers of course because I'm self-conscious about that. This tracks my weight loss goal between now and 31 October. As of today I'm right on track:

The itty bitty blue line is the actual weight


Jane said...

Oh look, you're already beating your first time! Great news. Not so great news about the earphones OR your car OR your long day at work OR your headache..... but good on you for managing a run!

Butt thrusts? Are they the ones where you get on your hands and knees then push your leg up to the ceiling????


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