Wednesday, September 15, 2010

EA's birthday...

Yesterday was EA's 29th birthday. Happy birthday, EA! Last year of your 20s! Get excited!

I think he was quite lucky with gifts this year - I bought him a share of the PS3, some Teva shoes, an Oroton business card holder and I took him out for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, Bretts Wharf.

Our dinner was amazing, possibly more amazing than the food at our engagement party which was also at Bretts Wharf. I apologise in advance for the sneaky iPhone photos:

I forgot to take photos of our starter. Oops.

Handmade sourdough, dukkah and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

Slow cooked lamb medallions, handmade gnocchi, glazed heirloom carrots, cocoa nibs

New England style seafood chowder - tiger prawns, reef fish, scallops, clams, bacon

Yellowtail kingfish, seared scallops, butternut tortellini, pancetta, sesame

Darling Downs beef, pistachio butter, fennel, lemon roasted potatoes

Sticky date pudding, vanilla icecream, chocolate, arabica praline

'Crunchy nut' pannacotta, granny smith puree, Sutton's dry cider granita, apple doughnuts

I also got EA this Happy Birthday plate with strawberries - he'd hooked in before I could get a photo...

EA was full and happy...

The chowder was like nothing I've ever tasted. AMAZING. I could eat it forever.

We had a bottle of one of our favourite wines - Crittendon Estate 2008 Pinot Noir. Yum.

If you live in Brisbane and haven't been to Bretts Wharf, I suggest you pay a visit - you won't be disappointed.


livinglifeasme said...

That meal looked amazing. I haven't been there in a while - might have to go back there soon! EA does look very happy & contented in that photo.

missea said...

I want to go to that Italian restaurant that you love, Annie!

Yes, he's contented. And possibly slightly intoxicated. He did, after all, drink a bottle of wine plus a dessert wine...


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