Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's a miracle!!!

After buying my new shoes today, I was terribly excited to get home and put the things on. I considered going back to the mall this afternoon to buy some socks so I could be one of those dorks on the train wearing corporate clothes and sneakers (I apologise if you're one of those dorks - as of tomorrow I'm probably going to be one too).

I spent about half an hour doing stretches while catching up on EA's day. I figured that if I wasn't ready to go after that effort, then I was really injured and shouldn't be moving at all. I decided to head out to the treadmill and stick to the plan that I had devised a few days ago. The results:

Walk 300m – 7km/hr
Walk 300m – 7km/hr
Run 2km – 9.4km/hr
Run 3km – 9.4km/hr
Walk 300m – 7km/hr
Walk 300m - 7km/hr
Run 1.5km – 9.4km/hr
Run 500m – 9.4km/hr
Walk 300m – 7km/hr
Walk 300m – 7km/hr
Run 600m – 9.4km/hr
Run 600m – 9.4-11km/hr

The time?

How cool is that? That's 36 seconds off my previous record, averaging 8.964km/hr. I'm absolutely convinced that the shoes played a huge part in it - my legs hurt a bit, but I got into an easy, comfortable run. It's amazing what a good pair of shoes can do.

I'll continue on tomorrow - I will plan it out again so that I can beat the time, just by a few seconds though. If I happen to be able to run faster at the end, then I will, but no pressure.



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