Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long weekend...

Today is my Friday, and that makes me super happy.

I'll be around tomorrow morning until about 9am for Feel Them Up Friday (must remember to schedule my blog post!) but after that I'm off with my dad and sister to the Bunya Mountains until Sunday. EA will meet us there tomorrow evening as he is doing a week of training in the city this week.

We will be staying in this house:

It has a sauna, but I've never used one and I don't know if I want to. Aren't they unhygienic or something?

There is an amazing restaurant in the Bunya Mountains, but unfortunately it is closed due to fire damage. I'm terribly sad given that was one of the reasons that we were going up there. We will be driving through Kingaroy, which is the town where I grew up. I only moved to Brisbane after finishing year 12 in 2000. My dad hasn't been back since he moved to Brisbane after my sister finished school in 2002.

Kingaroy is the peanut capital of Australia. I didn't live on a peanut farm, but I do love boiled peanuts.

They're polarising. Most people I know hate them, but I think they're scrumptious. What do you think of them? Probably you think I'm disgusting, but I'm OK with that.

I can't stop thinking about them now. Can't wait to visit the Peanut Van in the morning to pick some up.

I'll try to get some nice photos while we're up there. Well, EA will take the photos. I'll just steal them for the blog.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone - I'll hopefully speak to you all briefly on twitter tomorrow morning.


Kelly said...

Have a great weekend hon... Looks beautiful!

Jade said...

Wow - that looks beautiful. I hope you and the family have a wonderful time away.

P.S. Peanuts = the best food product ever.



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