Monday, September 6, 2010

Still at it...

Due to my long weekend at the Bunya Mountains and some moderately painful shin splints I had a few days off running. I attacked the treadmill last night expecting to do terribly, however I surprised myself once again. My calves are really feeling it this morning though!

I am finding it easier to go at a light jog, around 8.2km/hr with 10km/hr running periods, rather than a fast walk at 7.2km/hr - far less stress on my lower legs. I do found though that there is no routine or pattern to my running, it's just whenever I feel I can go faster for a while, but I move the speed around so much that I think my body is confused.

Anyway, to my results:

Average speed 7.89km/hr.

Sadly, the scales aren't really reflecting the work I've been putting in, but I believe that when I measure myself tonight I'll have lost size. My sister made reference to my butt on the weekend, in that it was sitting a lot higher than it used to - I want it to be small, not sticky-outy!

Of course, the cheese and wine I consumed over the weekend probably didn't help my cause, so back to healthy eating this week.


ClaireyH said...

Cheese and wine..mmmm, hard to resist.

Just letting you know I am linking to you from this post


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