Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Too much, too soon...

I ran tonight. Boy, did I want to stay in bed and watch Rizzoli & Isles. But no, I forced myself out into the cold garage to run.

I'm so glad I did. I smashed my last record - I am still only running 5km each day, but am trying to bring the time down, therefore actually running more. I think I only walked about 700m tonight which is awesomesauce. I ran at about 8.4/8.6km/hr, but had a few minutes at 10km/hr. When I walked it was at 7.2km/hr which is really too fast for my legs to walk for any length of time. The running really is just a jog, but it will get better, and I'm trying to keep my technique correct as I go.

My average speed was 8.11km/hr, with 1:02 taken off my time from 2 nights ago:

The bad news - shin splints in both legs now, not just the right one, and my right calf is feeling very tight and a little sore. So tomorrow night, no matter how I'm feeling, I'm only going to walk, but I will walk for twice as long. Maybe 7km or something, or 350 calories. I'll take out the Kindle or will continue watching The Hills. I'm convinced The City will suit me better, but I'm yet to try that out. Or, another possibility is that I will give myself another night off. Especially because I just remembered I'm going out for dinner tomorrow night. Nice timing, shin splints!

Shin splints are commonly caused by going too hard early in a new fitness program. There are many other causes, but I know this to be true for me. The treadmill isn't too hard, it's very comfortable and cushioned to run on, and my shoes aren't top of the line but they're not Kmart brand either. I've just been working my legs too hard with probably not enough warm up/warm down.

I must say though, I hardly sweated tonight. My face was a beetroot as it always is when I exercise - I was saying to EA a few days ago how I wish I was one of those gorgeous exercisers - you know the ones, who have a light blush, hair that falls messily but in a sexy way, and with a light glistening of sweat all over them, not wet clothes sticking unflatteringly to problem areas. I think that no matter how much weight I lose and how fit I get, I'll always be one of these ugly exercisers. There are worse things though I guess...

My point - I had stopped puffing after 30 seconds and I wasn't dripping with sweat like usual, so it makes me wonder how much better I might have done had my legs not been hurting. Obviously my fitness is really improving.

Anyway, if you've got to the end of this post then you deserve a medal. I get that exercise high and tend to ramble.

Peace out.


belsmusings said...

Well done!! I think I'm going through the same kinda journey as you :) and doesn't it feel awesome when one day you're almost vomiting from pushing yourself (or maybe that's just me!) and then a couple of days later you do the same exercise and it feels 'easy'. Keep us posted with it all Jodi !

missea said...

Hi Bel!

Haha, it's not just you - I've certainly been through the vomiting stage. I remember a girl on the Vogue forums once called it the 'spew zone' - push through the 'spew zone' and it passes. Yucky, but true. I didn't have that at all tonight though!

Looking forward to hearing how the rest of your laser treatments went, by the way! x

The Kara K Project said...

Oh we have similar average speeds haha! It took me about 2 months to get there though.. but keep it up!! Hope your shins feel better!

In relation to the sweating - did you drink lots of water? I find the more water I drink the more I sweat... which kind of makes logical sense lol

oh and those girls that look perfect whilst working? Sometimes i want to go up to them and ask whats their secret and why do I look like i've gone through hell and back? haha.

Take care!



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