Thursday, September 23, 2010

Walk the walk...

Last night I decided to walk rather than run on the treadmill to give my legs a rest.

By the time I got to 500 calories (my goal for the evening) I was only 180m off 9km, so kept going. The fleshy part of my heel is a bit sore today, and my lower legs remain sore. It was fun though. I caught up on some TV shows and sweated my stress away.

I also walked a lot of it at 5 and 10% incline, which was interesting!

I think I might do the long walk once a week.

Not sure if I will run or have a night off tonight. I'll just have to see how I go.


Louise said...

Dropping by from the vogue forums =)

Good work on the treadmill! I'm training for the 10k event for melb marathon, the weather is not agreeing with me :(

Aspiring Domestic Goddess said...

9KM!!!! Holy Moly!!!

The Kara K Project said...

Hi there Missea! :)

Well DONE! Also I read from your previous post that you are stuck on one weight... for 2 weeks I was at the same weight when I was working out SO much I was seriously about to give up... but someone told me to up my calorie intake (nothing processed or fatty etc.. jsut increase) and then start again... for 3-4 days..

anywho.. scared of calories as it is, I did this anyway then after 1 week I dropped 2.4.

Coincidence or fact? Who knows but it worked! haha

food for thought, but without the food :P

missea said...

Oh my goodness Kara - how cool! I wonder why that is? I'm totally scared to eat any more, but I'll make sure that I'm keeping up with regular and frequent meals. I probably will up my calories this weekend in any case.

Thanks for the tip!!!


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