Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hold your horses...

This has been a week of changing my mind.

I mentioned only 2 days ago that I wanted to run 10km. And I do. However I read the latest Runner's World magazine (hooked on those things, can read them cover to cover) and I saw that on January 9 the Resolution Run is being held all over Australia. 

You can choose to run or walk 5km or run 10km. I have decided that while I will be able to run 10km by that time, I'd really rather run 5km fast. So that is what I will do. I have devised a brand spanking new training plan that will allow me to not only run 10km, but to run 5km with ease, and quickly - I'm yet to set a goal time, I was thinking 25 minutes, but why not 22 minutes? We'll just have to see. In the next week or two I will set a goal and will stick to it.

When training for a race, the experts recommend that you train in longer runs (e.g. 10km) even though you're racing a shorter distance. So really my 10km goal will be helpful for my new 5km goal.

I have chosen the National Breast Cancer Foundation as my charity. If you feel as though you would like to donate, then please click on the button below - I will insert it onto all of my fitness blogs from now on, so no rush! I want to put it onto my side bar but I have no idea how. Damn you, html!

Or - and this could be fun - we could join a team!!! Would you like to join a team with me? You wouldn't have to run, you could just walk, or run/walk, and we could have drinks afterwards. Let me know by emailing me or leaving a comment if you're interested. If you register before 31 October the registration fee is half price, so only $12.50. That's pretty cheap if you ask me.



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