Saturday, October 2, 2010

I love today...

Hello my little peanuts.

I hope you're all had a lovely Saturday. I didn't get up properly until 11am after going for a few drinks with friends and colleagues last night. I eventually got the courage to step on the scales and surprised myself - my lowest weight yet (since this whole running/weight loss business). That's after a drunken Big Mac meal last night, so bonus. Took the food guilt right away, and I'd been drinking water all through the night so I knew it wasn't dehydration.

After going to Myer to buy EA some jeans (2 pairs - success!) and then doing the grocery shopping we came home, had lunch and I settled in to watch the AFL grand final. Who was I kidding, though - I got bored and so did my stretches and hit the treadmill.

My goal:

Walk 300m – 7km/hr
Walk 300m – 7km/hr
Run 3.5km – 9.4km/hr
Run 3.5km – 9.4km/hr
Walk 300m – 7km/hr
Walk 300m - 7km/hr
Run 900m – 9.4km/hr
Run 900m – 9.4-12km/hr

The result:

I'm stoked with that. Average speed 9.1696. I felt really good about it, and while I was absolutely stuffed at the end, it was in a good way and the pain in my legs wasn't too bad. I stuck to the plan, and in order to just pip my planned time (by 30 seconds as it turns out) I ran faster in the last running leg rather than sticking to 9.4km. I came back inside and was able to do my crunches and weights while watching the rest of the final.

It is such a mental thing, running. Where a couple of weeks ago I'd be giving myself excuses to stop running and walk for a while, now I'm really optimistic about being able to surpass my goals. The shoes have been wonderful, and so have my new clothes - I bought a tshirt and two pairs of running tights from Amart and Rebel (sign up online and you get a $20 voucher from each, with no minimum spend!)

This is me being happy after another successful run, about to go and have a long shower and wash my sweaty hair. It doesn't adequately bring out the severe case of redface that I had, but you will note the remnants of last night's mascara running down my face:

I'll run again tomorrow, but not on Monday because I'm starting yoga! I look forward to running into Annie as she leaves her class and I enter mine :)


Jane said...

Aw, you look gorgeous!

I totally agree about it being a mental thing. If you psyche yourself up to run, and tell yourself that you CAN do it, chances are you WILL.

Well done for sticking with it! xxx


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