Thursday, October 7, 2010


I had a bit of a bridezilla meltdown on Monday night, resulting in me not going to yoga as planned. I do still intend to begin classes next week - I hope I'm not really behind. On Tuesday night we were telling our families about the changes in wedding plans (I'll blog about it on Saturday night) and by the time we were off the phone it was too late for me to go out and run.

I'm amazing myself at the lack of food and exercise guilt I'm feeling. I didn't exercise for two days, but my legs were sore and I probably needed a break I pigged out on nachos in bed on Monday night while crying about my wedding, but I ate really well at all other meals, so who really cares. Because I kept my diet in check, I still lost weight.

Speaking of losing weight - this morning I reached one of my mini weight loss goals. Still not quite ready to type numbers, but I'll just say that I was very excited to reach it. Here is what I figure - all of this running and all of these sit-ups and arm weights have turned a lot of my fat into muscle. Therefore, I didn't lose weight quickly at first, because muscle was being developed. However, in the last week the weight has sort of been falling off. I think that I finally have a good amount of muscle (under there somewhere) and now I'm burning off the fat.

Does that make sense? It's my theory, anyway.

So, last night I knew that I would have to get my run in, no matter what. I planned out what I wanted to do, but as soon as I got running I was struggling. Like, really struggling. I battled through though and just ran faster - at 10km/hr in fact which is my goal speed to run the entire 5km in. I figured the faster I ran the sooner the hell would be over.

The result?

That's an average speed of 9.62km/hr. I walked for 200m, ran for 4km, walked for 200m and then ran for 600m.

I don't feel as though I deserved that time (really getting close to 30 minutes now) because I just felt so rotten through it - it was very hard work. On Saturday and Sunday I just had so much energy that the runs felt really good. I probably don't have the fitness to be doing these fast runs yet, but it will come. I'll try again tonight, but I'm not going to kill myself trying to beat the time above.

I followed with some crunches and arm weights, but my legs were throbbing and I was just generally feeling odd, so I didn't do as many sets as usual.

We'll see how I go tonight, but as long as I'm losing this weight and making progress I'm not too worried.


SimoneWrenRennard said...

wow lady you are gunning it! I should probably start getting in shape for my wedding too....GAHHH!!!! x

Just a girl said...

you are such a machine!
i dont know how you do it! lol
where are you doing your yofa if you dont mind me asking?

missea said...

Thanks girls! I don't know if I'm a machine yet, I find myself clinging on to the railing a fair bit!!!

Just a Girl - I haven't actually started yoga yet, but when I do, it will be at The Gap. Do you go anywhere???


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